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Christian von Lübke



Room:213 (Alte Uni)
Period:November - December 2010
Department:Political Science


Christian von Lübke, born 1973, is a political economist with particular interest in democracy, governance, and development in Southeast Asia.  He is currently a DFG research fellow at Stanford, where he works on a book project that gauges institutional and structural effects on political agency in post-Suharto Indonesia. Apart from Indonesia’s dynamic transition, his research interests increasingly gravitate towards other parts of Emerging Asia, including Thailand, the Philippines, and China.

Before coming to Stanford, Dr. von Lübke was a research fellow at the Center of Global Political Economy at Waseda (Tokyo), the Institute for Developing Economies (Chiba), and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Jakarta). He received a JSPS postdoctoral scholarship from the Japan Science Council and a PhD scholarship from the Australian National University.

Between 2001 and 2006, he worked as technical advisor in various parts of rural Indonesia – for both GTZ and the World Bank. In 2007, he joined an international research team at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) analyzing the effects of public-private action on investment and growth.

Dr. von Lübke completed his Ph.D. in 2008 in Political Science at the Crawford School of Economics and Government, the Australian National University. He also holds a Masters in Economics and a B.A. in Business and Political Science from Muenster University.

His research on contemporary Indonesian politics, democratic governance, rural investment, and leadership has been published in the Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, Contemporary Southeast Asian Affairs, Asian Economic Journal, and ISEAS. He regularly contributes political analyses on Southeast Asia to Oxford Analytica.

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