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Research fellow, Methodology training

Mikko Huotari (CV) studied Political Science, Public Law (European and International Law) and Musicology at the University of Freiburg as well as Piano at the University of Music Freiburg. He is an alumni of the German National Merit Foundation which also granted his  “China-Scholarship” at Nanjing University (PRC China, 2004-2005). Currently, he is a PhD Student and research fellow at the Department of Political Science. His main fields of interest are: PRC China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy, International Political Economy, Emerging Powers and Global Governance, European Integration and Foreign Policy, Regional Monetary and Financial Cooperation in Asia, Philosophy of Science and Social Science Methodologies.



Current Research Projects:

  • China and the Political Economy of East Asian Financial Architecture
  • Emerging Powers and Global/Regional Financial Governance
  • Concepts, Context, and Comparisons in Area Studies
  • Reflecting Methodology in Southeast Asian Studies (Book project)



  • Huotari, Mikko; Hanemann, Thilo (2014, forthc.) Rising Powers and Change in the Global Financial Order, in: Global Policy
  • Huotari, Mikko; Rüland, Jürgen and Schlehe, Judith (eds.) (2014, forthc.) Methodology and Research Practice in Southeast Asian Studies, London: Palgrave.
  • Huotari Mikko (2014, forthc.) Introduction: Fostering Methodological Dialogue in Southeast Asian Studies, in: Huotari, Mikko; Rüland, Jürgen and Schlehe, Judith (eds.): Methodology and Research Practice in Southeast Asian Studies, London: Palgrave.
  • Huotari, Mikko and Rüland, Jürgen (2014, forthc.) Context, Concepts and Comparison in Southeast Asian Studies—Introduction to the Special Issue, Pacific Affairs
  • Huotari, Mikko; Hanemann, Thilo (2013) Huotari, Mikko; Hanemann, Thilo (2013) As potências em ascensão e mudanças na “Ordem Financeira Global”' in: Stuenkel, Oliver (ed.):  Potências emergentes e desafios globais. Rio de Janeiro: KAS.
    (Rising Powers and the "Global Financial Order" / in: Emerging Powers and Global Challenges)
  • Huotari, Mikko (2012) Analyse außenpolitischer Wirkungen. Reflexionen im Spannungsfeld von Internationaler Politikforschung und Policy-Analyse. Wiesbaden: Springer VS (Flyer / Link).
  • Huotari, Mikko (2012) Financial Regionalism and the negotiation of community in East Asia. Occasional Paper No. 9, online available at

Conference Papers and other formats

  • Explaining China’s Role in International Financial Governance: A Domestic Financial Development Approach [with Sandra Heep], Joint International Conference - Research Network "Governance in China" and Association for Social Science Research on China (November 2013, Vienna)
  • Emerging Powers and Regional Financial Architecture: The Case of China. International Studies Annual Convention, (April 2013, San Francisco).
  • The relation of East Asian Regionalism and Global Economic Governance in the G20 process: Governance Competition, Functional Federalism or Something Else? (December 2012, International Workshop on China and the G20: Chinese contributions to the New Global Economic Governance, Fudan University , Shanghai)
  • Rising Powers and Change in the 'global financial order'" (May 2012, International Conference "Rising Powers and the Future of Global Governance", Sussex University).
  • "Trends and challenges in East Asian financial and monetary cooperation" (January 2012, Academic and Policy Roundtable: “How East and Southeast Asia Cope with the Global Economic and Financial Crisis”, Berlin)
  • "China's Role in East Asian Financial and Monetary Regionalism" (November 2011, Center for Global Studies, Bonn)
  • "Financial Regionalism and the negotiation of community in East Asia" (October 2011, University of Freiburg, DFG project conference: ‚Asianisms’ and regional interaction and integration in Asia)
  • "Renminbi - bitte wie?" (with Philipp Eckstein), Radio feature for IZ3W and Radio Dreyeckland Freiburg, broadcasted in August 2011. Online available at:
  • "Macro-Regionalism in Europe" (August 2009, Freiburg,  with Anitta Hipper)
  • Huotari, Mikko (2007): 40 Years of ASEAN (Conference Report), online available at:



  • "Lecture: Introduction to International Relations" (with Prof. Jürgen Rüland, Winter Term 2013-14, University of Freiburg)
  • Area Studies and Concept Formation in the Social Sciences (1-day workshop for the Young Scholars Network of the German Association for Asian Studies, January 2014)
  • Quantitative Methods and Area Studies - Demystifying the Divide (October 2013, 3-days workshop with Christian von Lübke, University of Freiburg, Arnold-Bergstraesser Institute Freiburg)
  • China's Foreign and Foreign Economic Policy" (May 2013, Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg, Studienhaus Wiesneck)
  • China's Foreign Economic Policy at the Crossroads? (April 2013, Studienhaus Wiesneck)
  • "China in Asia", University of Freiburg (Undergraduate, Summer 2012, with Dr. K. Kupfer), > Evaluation.
  • "Analyzing Chinese Foreign Policy", University of Freiburg (Undergraduate, Winter 2010/2011) > Evaluation.
  • "China in International Relations" (June 2010, January 2011, April 2011), Studienhaus Wiesneck ("Institut für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg")


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